(Department of International Trade, Inha University)

Dr. Inkyo Cheong is a Professor of International Trade at the university, Incheon, Korea. He also served as the Vice President at the university and a member of advisory committees for various Ministries and national agencies. He had been President of Korea’s Negotiation Association (2011-2012), Korea’s International Trade Economist Association (2010), and Research Fellow for nine years (1996-2004) in the Korean Institute for International Economic Policy (KIEP), which is a national think-tank for trade policy.


Current Positions

  • 2016. 07 ~ present : Member, National Trade Strategy Forum

  • 2010. 11 present : President, FTA Research Forum

  • 2014. 11 ~ present : Member, Advisory Committee, ARTNet, UN ESCAP

  • 2004. 3 present : Professor, International Trade, Inha University

Editorial Board of Academic Journals

  • 2017.09~ present: A member of Editorial Board, Vietnam's Socio-Economic Development Journal (VSED), Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences (VASS)

  • 2015. 01 ~ 2018.06: Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Korea Trade, Emerald Publishing

  • 2009.02 ~ 2016.01: Editor-in-Chief, Journal of International Logistics and Trade, Jeongsuk Research Institute, Inha University

Selected Publications

Research Papers

  1. Lim, B., Yoo, J., Hong, K., & Cheong, I. (2021). Impacts of Reverse Global Value Chain (GVC) Factors on Global Trade and Energy Market. Energies, 14(12), 3417.

  2. Cho, J., Hong, E. K., Yoo, J., & Cheong, I. (2020). The Impact of Global Protectionism on Port Logistics Demand. Sustainability, 12(4), 1444.

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Chapters in Books

  1. “An Approach for Facilitating E-Commerce: A threshold for tariff/tax exemption”. In Lurong Chen and Fukunari Kimura (eds.) E-Commerce Connectivity in ASEAN. ERIA: Jakarta. April 2020.

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